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TikTok and how to use it for illustration success

Tooty McNooty, James Lewis and Adam Salisbury on bringing art to TikTok.

With Instagram doing its best to throttle visibility, more and more digital artists wanting to jump ship to another platform find themselves at a loose end. Twitter was an increasingly popular choice, until the little blue bird began to heavily compress images, whilst Facebook continues its steady decline into a graveyard for artistic exposure.

22 October 2019

One year later, the selling of an AI painting shows that AI art is still not that ground­break­ing

To mark the one-year anniversary sale of the Portrait of Edmond Bellamy, the first AI-generated art piece auctioned at Christie’s in New York for $432,500, I ask myself, can anyone who has some kind of algorithm know-how become the next Andy Warhol? Is art made by machines ‘good art’? Should it even be considered art at all? These questions have been asked around the art and tech circles since last October, when the blurry 19th-century-inspired portrait created entirely by an AI machine was unveiled at the iconic auction house.

12 October 2019

DADA: Not Just Art On A Blockchain, But A Blockchain As Art? uses blockchain technology to find novel ways to connect artists and create engaging works. Artistic works are produced exclusively on the website itself, in collaborative fashion, prioritizing feedback and interaction between artists.

9 October 2019

Creativity and AI: The Next Step

In 1997 IBM’s Deep Blue famously defeated chess Grand Master Garry Kasparov after a titanic battle. It had actually lost to him the previous year, though he conceded that it seemed to possess “a weird kind of intelligence.” To play Kasparov, Deep Blue had been pre-programmed with intricate software, including an extensive playbook with moves for openings, middle game and endgame.

6 October 2019


Verisart Acquires $2.5 Million Through Series Seed Funding Led by Galaxy Digital Eos VC Fund

Verisart, the firm that certifies arts and collectibles through blockchain technology, has raised a whopping sum of $2.5 million in seed financing. The financing process was led by Galaxy Digital EOS VC Fund, along with a substantial investment from existing investors, including Sinai Ventures and Rhodium.

3 October 2019